Murphy and Maxwells world – We just live in it.

We are proud parents of two new toy fox terriers, Murphy and Maxwell. They are brothers born on December 11, 2019. Murphy came to live with us March 14, 2020. He was 13 weeks old. We picked him up at the American Airlines Cargo location at DFW airport. He flew in from Springfield Missouri. A little scary since we are dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic. Everyone is steering clear of airports. We didn’t actually have to go inside the airport though. The minute we took him out of the crate, we feel in love with him. super cute and very loving. The tiny teeth hurt though. Thank God that I already had chew toys ready for him. His name was Scrappy, but everyone was calling him Crappy so we changed that right away. Didn’t want to scar him for life.

Murphy Good

Well, a week and a half went by, and the Coronavirus had everything shut down, and I saw that the last little puppy from the litter Murphy came from still didn’t have a home. So sad. Well, you know where I’m going with this. On March 24th, we were back at the airport picking up Maxwell. We couldn’t believe how little he was compared to Murphy.

Maxwell Good

We brought him home, and instantly Murphy jumped on him and started bitting him. I thought to myself, oh my God, what have I done. It lasted all night. I thought that I was going to have to find Maxwell a new home. The next morning, it started all over again. Then, Maxwell fought back. Things calmed down after that.

Life became a little more normal. Well, not normal, we have two new pups controlling our life now.

Sweet babies getting along.

Here they are together so you can see the size comparison. Hard to believe these came from the same litter. Completely different looks and personalities.